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really wierd starter problem


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Ok, so I definitely need to replace my starter - check this out.

I'm pretty sure I figured out why the battery that came with the car kept dying. This even has a local Z-car specialist (Z Whizz) stumped. The starter motor seems to randomly kick on without engaging the solenoid and spins until the battery dies. I noticed it today when I went to connect the fresh battery. As soon as there was power, the starter was whirring its heart out but not engaging the flywheel. At the shop's advice I rapped the starter body with a hammer handle to see if any stuck contacts disengaged, and it fixed the problem; I could then reconnect the battery and the starter didn't kick on. Obviously I didn't leave the battery connected. What the eff would make a starter do that?

In regard to a new starter, what does everyone use? Z Car Source has a new aftermarket starter for $135 plus core & shipping. MSA has their rebuilt unit for $70 plus core & shipping. I haven't gotten parts store or Nissan quotes yet. Are there recommendations for good replacements?

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