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Changing ignition key switch


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Those are the anti-theft screws. The normal heads are designed to break of when you tighten them down the first time. To remove them either drill the heads off, or use a Dremel tool (or similar) to cut a slot for a blade screwdriver into the head.

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OK, you've got me on this one. On all of the Zs I've owned, the screws go straight out away from the driver's side of the steering column. I don't see how the dash could interfere. Can you post a picture of how your switch is oriented?

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I just did mine. I would leave the regular screws in place and tight and remove the anti theft ones first. If you don't you will be "chasing" them all over the steering column.

I bought a little punch and pounded them until I got enough grip for a screw driver. Next time I would get a dremel. It's all about having the right tool.

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