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Speedhunters talk with Tamura-san

Mr Camouflage

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Three 432-Rs are mentioned as being in the shop. That's almost 10% of total production - very nice. Although It seems to me that he might have meant three 432s, two of which are R's - still impressive!

I think Dino might have misunderstood that the 'no.68' race car is actually a standard production PS30 '432' that has been modified to resemble Nissan's first works PS30-SB '432R'-based race car ( destroyed in its very first race ). None of the other cars present in the article are 432Rs either. 'Just' ( as if there's any 'just' when it comes to 432s...! ) normal 432s.....

T.A. Auto's 'no.68' car was featured in Vol.136 of Nostalgic Hero magazine ( Dec. 2009 ). A great issue for S30-series Z cars. Carl B's 'Baja' BRE car got a really nice 4 page feature too.

Sad to see Tamura san being referred to as "the" designer in the Speedhunters article, when he was actually one member in a team effort.

Kats brought Tamura san to our attention here last year: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36319

Alan T.

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