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I am planning some upgrades to my 72 240z to make it more comfortable. What I plan is to install Power windows (Spal), locks, and 90 Z3 power seats with heaters and power adjust.

I have a gm upgraded alternator already installed, as well as Dave’s headlight relay and taillight relay. I have had issues with the fuse box in the car and plan on replacing it with these upgrades.

My question is, for those of you that have upgraded to a more modern optioned car, how have you tapped into the Electrical System in the S30? Pics and explanation would be appreciated.

Dave Irwin can answer all my questions but I would like to see others approach also.

Thx Dave

Mods, I put this in the wrong area can it be moved to electical?

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It just involves another auxiliary fuse panel, something modern. Painless has a few options. Power supply comes from a new cable from the battery, via an ignition controlled relay. Pretty simple. Now where to mount it, well, passenger side kick panel or up behind the glove box is handy. Most important point here is, don't try to use any of the stock circuits.

I have Vintage AC, power seats, stereo, head light relays, rad fan relays, horn relays, power locks, etc etc and all their fuses, all on a fresh modern fuse panel. Much better, ahhhhhh


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And now that I realize you're THAT dave and you're just down the road in Strathmore, I'de be happy to show you my wiring any time. Z club meeting tonight at Brasso Nissan 7:00pm as usual. I won't have the Z there this month, its in paint jail for a couple of weeks yet but we can chat.


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