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Looking for auto trans lines at radiator.

Richard Oben

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In the never ending restoration of 9070 I am looking for the soft lines that run from front of the hard lines from the AUTO trans to the radiator. My car had them but somewhere along the line someone cut them and just put a hose clamp on. I know it would work but would like to get the original lines but have not been able to find them.

There are pix in the introduction section. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. Richard.

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Arne you seem to find all my posts, thanks very much for that, the help is much appreciated.

I went to a hydraulic shop today the problem is no one has the 14 mm fittings, that I need on both ends. They tried to tell me it was something else, but since I have male and female it is pretty obvious what they had was not the same.

I am off to another one or two shops this afternoon. For anyone else, if you have something that looks right or is even close let me know. Cheers Richard.

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I will take them! WOO HOO! What ever part (s) you need let me know, I have a complete parts car that I am using as a build manual for 9070. It is pretty rusted but is a complete series one.

I do not need the whole long lines but I need the ends for sure. If you prefer to send the long lines I will take them complete and I insist on paying for the shipping. Call me if you want to 816-436-1610 or email me richard AT northracecars.com

MAN THIS PLACE ROCKS! I spent almost all day yesterday trying to get this part. No one had them not one place could match the fittings, not one. This is a true life saver to me and VERY much appreciated. Cheers Richard.

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