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Educated guesses anyone?


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Hi everyone,

I am new to this site, but I need advice.

I love the early 70's Z's, and there is one that I'm looking at, but I have no idea what they should be worth. I know that this is very little information for an educated guess, but here goes.

1974 Datsun 260Z - This is a 1974 Datsun 260Z with an inline six. Two door, two seater (not the 2+2 model with tiny back seat).

I don't have the mileage yet, but here are a couple of pictures. Any help you could give would be great.

Thanks everyone!



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All depends on the condition of the body.

Completely rust free is what is the key (this may only be a myth...). Mechanicals are an easy fix on these cars, the body is not.

I'll let other comment on the specific values of a 260Z (some members have some pretty sweet rides). Check to see if the carbs have been swapped out from the flat top SU's to the dome top SU's. If not, it's almost required.

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from just looking and description and assuming it runs id say 2k. unless more info can be provided thats the most id pay. if its running good, good interior, good rail, floor pans , good paint, minimal rust just good condition all they way around id pay 3.5-4k for it mileage being a factor. if its actually a mint/excellent condition with low mileage than its kinda hard to say. its really what ever your willing to pay and hes willing to sell it for.

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I'd pay a couple grand for that. The body looks decent from those couple shots. If the body doesn't surprise you in any major way, it'd be worth that. If it exceeded my expectation, I'd go 3 grand for what looks like has been driven quite a bit.

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