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Rota RB-R 16x8 +10


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I am in need of your opinions and knowledge. I bought a set of 16x8 RB-Rs for my '73 that has been lowered with Tokico springs+struts. I have done some research and understand that I need 5mm spacers for the fronts only, however when I went to get tires (225/50/16) they couldn't even fit the rears. I don't get it, what is the issue? They say I need new studs AND spacers for the front and rear (???).

Does anyone here run these wheels on a similar setup 240z? Does anyone know the required stud length for these wheels?


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An 8" wheel with +10 has too much backside (~4 7/8") and the tire will not clear the spring. Hence the requirement for spacers, to add some clearance there

The stock 240Z wheel studs (front and rear) are relatively short, and the addition of most any spacers will often require longer studs to be truly "correct". As a rule of thumb, you should have a minimum thread engagement that is the same as the stud diameter. So for a 240Z with 12mm studs, you should have at least 12mm of stud available past the lug seat on the wheel. Call it 1/2" minimum in theory, and in real life figure on needing 15mm (~5/8").

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You may want to check over on Hybridz, they have a few threads about the 16x8 +10 RB-R I think. Someone there suggested using the Nissan Quest studs, which are longer, and I believe most people said the rear fenders required rolling, but the fronts were fine with the proper studs and spacers.

Regardless, please let us know what happens. I was considering the same setup the other day for my '72, and I'll also have my tokico springs/struts installed by that point.

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