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I was wondering if anyone could help. I recently starting thinking about changing over to an electronic ignition. My question is what is the difference between XR700 Electronic Ignition System and PerTronix Ignition Kit and which is a better way for me to go. The two that I have seen are very similar in price so that is not a factor. thx in advance for your help.

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i was also told that i can use the components from a later 280z. would i get the same benefits from the 280z components as pertronix claims. the increased horse power and better fuel efficiency, etc...

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You can use a dizzy from a 280ZX. If you can find one, make sure it has the E12-80 module and be sure to grab the mounting bracket and pedestal. This is the setup many of us are running. Do a search for 280Zx dizzy swap for more info.

If you have trouble finding on with the E12-80 module, I'm told you can do without it if you have an external elec ignition system like an MSD box. Basically the reluctor acts as a trigger for the MSD unit. I'm planning on trying this at some point myself.

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