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Fuel gauge issue and other questions.


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I have a 1977 280z 2+2 California model. I've noticed (having purchased it fairly recently) that the fuel gauge works on starting, then I hear a slight click, as from a relay, and the fuel gauge drops to nothing. The gauge reads evidently accurately until this occurs.

Any suggestions on this? I've tracked the wiring down, and it appears to be intact on this circuit. I'm going to be repairing the old fuse box (due to a previous owner job cutting the wires and replacing it, but using the wrong gauge of wire, and using wire crimps rather than solder). Major project on this one, but I'm loving it.

New injector connectors going in there this week, new clutch, replacing tranny gear case lube with Redline MT-90 (on the suggestion of numerous sites for the 4-speed manual OEM transmission).

Replaced the AFM-> throttle body boot with new rubber, will be doing the same with the air filter to afm boot when I get paid next, and picking up a compression tester.

Does anyone have experience with the silicone vacuum and emissions lines? Would like to hear some opinions before I drop another hundred and fifty into it.

One of those 'pay as you go' projects. I want to get the suspension bushings all replaced with poly.

Seals appear pretty good (no noticeable gas or exhaust smell inside the car). Currently running rich, most likely still vacuum leaks.

Does anyone know the 'normal' intake system vacuum on a L28, or where this should be checked?

I think working on this thing is addictive. Maybe we need a Surgeon General's warning. The Surgeon General warns that excessive exposure to Datsun 280zs may be associated with euphoria, giddiness, and activity in sedentary males. Tool collections have been known to appear corresponding with unexplained account debits. If the subject is reading the FSM for entertainment purposes, the case is irreversible.

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