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Need a clue: 72 240 Tail Gate - Plate ?


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I am trying to find a source for a replacement part for my 72 240Z.

I need to replace the body part that the tail gate sits on.

The microfiche doesn't help. This part is the sill that spans the

back of the car. The tail gate striker sticks through this sill.

Clues ?

Thanks, Jay

Not just a Z - zdisease

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There are a few recent threads concerning this piece. This is a topic that comes up frequently. I think if I needed one I would be organizing a group buy and have several shipped from the source in Australia. They are stackable and the shipping cost could be trimmed substantially. Just a thought.


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The rear hatch sill plate - or threshold plate - was originally part of the Assy Panel Rear 79100-E4650.

Nissan had the threshold plate reproduced for the Vintage Z Program. While they were available, they sold for around $125.00 retail. The last one's that some of the aftermarket vendors had - sold for around $250.00 as I recall.

I have a Restoration Parts List somewhere - but can't find it right now...

Other then finding one that someone has stuck away - you might find a good parts car to take one out of... or metal patch the one you have...

The reproductions from Australia are good - but they are not perfect reproductions.


Carl B.

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