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Chasing Classic Cars

Mike B

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I just came across a TV show called "Chasing Classic Cars" on a Discovery HD Channel. Here is a link to a website with some information about it http://turbo.discovery.com/chasing-classic-cars/chasing-classic-cars.html. Kind of an interesting show. It is a series about a classic car dealer in Connecticut (F40 Motorsports http://www.f40.com/index.php). Anyway, I watched my first two episodes tonight and saw an early Z car in both!

The first was in an episode about a very early porsche 911 (VIN #724) in So Cal. They show a clip of the guy driving to the "cars and coffee" meeting in an old Ferrari and a 240Z pulls up fast on his right, so of course he steps on it to keep up with the Z.

The second episode was about an old Morgan roadster that he takes to Lime Rock raceway. They show some old period racing photos of Lime Rock and one of them has a Bob Sharp Racing Z in the photo. He also mentions that was where Paul Newman started racing, but no mention of Bob Sharp.:finger:


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Yeah I noticed this show a few months back and it is quite good. Includes a good variety of unique cars, only problem is most are outside of my price range haha

In some shows they even show them fixing and restoring some, although at this point they seem to be repeating a lot at least on my Comcast.

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