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'72 seat mounting bolt size?


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Hey guys, i just picked up a Z on the weekend and im glad to join the club! This was somebody elses resto project that they never finished. So im trying to tie up all the loose ends and one of them being that the bolts that hold the seats down are missing :( so...

Does anyone what what size bolts are used to hold down the seats of a 1972 240Z ?

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I found the answer after searching the forums for a while, just in case your intrested, heres the answer... Credits to montoya_fan01..

"Seat mount bolt size is 8mm x 1.25, with an 8mm JIS nut which requires a 12mm hex wrench.

Bolts are sized by diameter of threaded portion and thread pitch, then length of bolt. example: 8mm x 1.25 x 25mm The hex size is not used to identify the size of a bolt or nut."

Thanks buddy!

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I seem to recall the seat bolts being carriage bolts with the squared shoulder that fits in a square hole in the seat track. That way only a nut is needed on the bottom along with any spacers you might want to use. Am I remembering wrong?

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I believe you are correct. However, the carriage bolts must be welded in, at least on mine they are.

I know this because one of the bolts was sheared, and I had to remove the spacers. It was so low, that I ended up reversing the driver's seat with the passenger seat so I could sit higher. I plan on fixing that, but it would require drilling out the sheared carriage bolt.


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