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Transmission blown?


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i Have a 78 280z with a 5 speed. the the car stalls and dosnt move in Reverse and it moves forward in nuetral. im pulling the trans tomorrow dose anyone have any idea what is wrong? also can i put a 4 speed trans in instead and if so what type of modifucations will i have to make? thanks in advance.

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the car runs in 2nd, 3rd, 4th ,5th. not sure why its stalling but no matter how much throttle u give it it stalls if u dont engage the clutch or bring it out of reverse. it gose into gears alittle hard and its a littile stiff in nuetral.

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Still the problem with reverse?

The shifter being hard to move now after replacing the slave would seem to indicate to me that the clutch is not disengaging, but I am in no way an expert far from it actually. Try bleeding the system again and ensure that there is enough throw on the new slave to fully disengage the clutch. If i remember correctly there are 2 types of slaves one that is adjustable on the early 240z series 1 cars and the non adjustable type that replaced it.

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hey i blead the system again and it still will stall in reverse wont go in 3rd or 4th and goes foreward in nuetral i just started pulling the trans.

Sounds to me like a selector fork problem. The roll pins in the selectors have been known to break causing the tranny trying to get two gears at a time.

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