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How to make a Dash Mat


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I was wanting to buy a new dash mat for my newer 240K that I got other week,

I tried 3 different Auto shops in my area, and it appears no one makes them anymore.

Since I'm a DIY type of person, I made this,

the carpet cost $15 from a carpet place, the guy said it was just 'car carpet',

and the black cotton and edging was about $8 from Spotlight.

About a hour and half later this what I made.








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looks very professional! did you back the carpet with anything? or does it already have some sort of backing on the carpet?


The carpet I purchased was exactly the same, as the dash mat I used as the template.

so in the end, I just cut it out, and sewed on the edging material, and violia, a original knock off, but I must say, my sewing was not as good as the original one, but I'm pretty happy with it.


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