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Hey y'all,

Some know that I have been looking for my first car off and on for the last 9 years. It was a 1972 112 yellow nicknamed "Slimer". It had an L28 with the original E88, American Racing Libres, front bumper option with the bar across the top, aftermarket vinyl seatcovers that reminded me of chocolate colored marble, missing shift knob (the Hurst one was stolen right before it was impounded), and a busted radio.

The last I know, it was being held at Associated Auto Tow in Fremont, CA, and the lien sale (which I am not sure if it was ever completed or not) was handled by Ritter Sales South, based in San Diego, CA. Timeline was April 1996.

I did already check zhome.com's VIN Registry, doesn't seem like there are a lot of entries on it. Slimer was HLS30-63920.

Carfax and all of the other VIN searches I have come across thus far require 17 digits. (1981 and newer) I hear that police officers are not allowed to search for the information unless they enter a reason into the system, since some of them have used it for not so noble purposes. I am hoping that there are some states where they don't have to do that...

Anyone have any ideas?

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Kelly, maybe you should change the head line to: Looking after HLS30-63920

You can also check out hybridz.com and zcar.com


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