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370Z North American Rally Miami Stop Info


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OK, for those interested in seeing the 370Z and participate in the event it is going to be most of the day.

They will have a day cruise to Key Largo with some pics and then a night event at a club all of this is Saturday January 10th

Please confirm if attending so they can make the proper arrangements

Also updated info here http://www.sfzcc.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7497

Key Largo Cruise

  • meet up at walgreens in miami at 9am 524 jefferson ave miami fl 33139.
  • at 9:30am take a cruise with the 370z's down to key largo.
  • arrive at key largo around 11am. then from 11am to 1pm take photos with all the cars.
  • then from 1pm to 3pm head to to nikki beach. 1 Ocean drive miami beach fl 33139to end the cruise

Night Club Event

Space the nightclub. the address is 34 NE 11th St Miami, FL 33132. That event starts at 10pm they have provided a vip spot parking for all the nissans that attend.

Attending Cruise

1. westpak

2. blooster

If attending the club event you need to RSVP, see pic below for info and please indicate that you heard this from South FLorida Z Car Club :)


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I went to the event in Orlando this last Sunday. There were a few first gen Z's, 300's, 350's and one GTR no ZX's. They had not provided special a place for the Z's to park and the lot was filled up with a bunch of Mod Honda's. What a joke, I thought I was going to a Nissan event. I hope it doesn't happen down there.

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