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Motor Oil Additives

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While we're mincing up this lubrication topic into teensy pieces....




Anybody add any miracles to their oil?

I'll go first. Hi, my name is Steve and I have tried oil additives. It started out real small at first, just a little Marvel Mystery Oil, but then it turned into a $1000/day heroin habit. Just kidding.

I have never tried any of the big snake oils (Slick-50 and that other one...????). I remember when Slick-50 first came out and it was this pyramid scheme and cost $50/qt! I have tried a few of the other, cheaper, non-guaranteed-for-life ones. Do they make a difference? Who knows. I have always looked at it from a simpleton's standpoint:

1. A product that "adds (or coats) some magic ingredient to your engine will either: A. Work really well; or B. Gunge thigs up horribly. 50/50 win/lose.

2. A straight concentrated lubricating additive will either: A. Work really well; or B. Not improve anything. 50/50 win/tie.

I might feel differently if I had a brand new engine. I don't use additives in either of my 'new' cars. My Z has a bejillion unknown miles on it, so the additives get the benefit of the doubt. I have been using a quart bottle of this gorgeous honey-like stuff Hy-Per Lube with each oil change.

At our local Z shop, Z's Unlimited, Steve Landoni swears by this product (the name is totally escaping me right now....MD-4 or something?????? They have a promotional trailer that goes around to the shops that has an engine with a slip-wheel on it...??) It comes in a little blue can with a pull-tab and is dealer-direct. He buys it by the case and swears by it. A can goes into every car that comes in. Seems like it was $5 or $7/can too. Ouch!


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That sounds good ,,, But I hope he asks before adding an additive... I would personally be pissed if someone added anything to my oil or water without asking. I wonder , if your car is running OK and will no doubt last for many years either way.. What is the need to add a product that has any controversy about it's worth... With out it your car is fine, with it it might last an extra year, or die sooner,, maybe much sooned if the product is bogus... I will let someone else try it .... I will wait...

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I would venture to say that most mechanics would agree, that these additives have very "limited" purposes. The oils that we use today are drastically improved from the 1950's when things like marvel came out. I also assume it to be correct that you should shy away from even synthetics oils as the age of a motor increases, unless started out on synthetics, they will do more harm then good.

So, it's my opinion that any OIL additives would not be used in my car, just fresh and often checked and changed oil.

2 cents given!

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