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new Z owner from Malaysia..Hi All!!


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Wow...that's really cool.

I'm a newbie and for the longest time, i remembered riding in my dad's 1973' 240Z when I was a kid. don't mean to hijack tony's thread but I'm interested to find other Z owners in Malaysia. :)


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that is ONE SCARY and TIME consuming, and daring and money eating project!! MY RESPECT to u TONY!!!!!! , if it were me, i would have abandoned long time ago. u are officially my new idol, UHauHAhAhuAHAUah

may i ask how much u bought the rims for?

btw, im new, finish restoring a celica ta22, u can view my car here


now my next car would be a 240 or 260,

does anybody know where to get one??

im located East Malaysia by the way.

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dont know how much it cost, anybody checked out this car yet?

i guess if u already checked it out, there wont be anything left for me.

there's one in my area, sarawak,

best ive seen, i was stupid to let it go,

asking 26k. bumper good, body all good,

only dash has 2 holes. engine rb20.

and now i regret

well, i dont mind spending a bit more on an all original, and very good condition piece.

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From 4-24-08 - 11-20-08 ;)

Wow, I couldnt get over the starting point and progress made on this car in 7 months!!!!! Had anyone shown me photos of how it was found and said it would be road ready in 7 months I would have been ROFL Let alone a G-nose.

Tony thats a wonderful job you have done on that car. I know you must be VERY proud of it as you should be :love:

I see that it's been awhile since you have posted anything. But if you have any updates that you could post I think we would all love too see her now.

I think a few of us here could take note of just what can be done with enough love ;)

Hope it's been going well and great job Tony!!!!!

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Tony ... I am in KL ... I have some Z parts to sell . Please contact me.... Thanks
Didn't you see this post. It's even a year old.......
Considering Tony5050 hasn't been on the board in almost 3 years, who knows if he even still has the car?

Even the one that black gold man linked to shows no activity from tony5050 in about 5 months.

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this is the G nose replica kit from Japan..bought it for around USD350.

Not sure how well its gonna fit, its all up to the installation work later on.



I have the same bumper. I was wondering if you have picture of your project -thanks kay

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Except for the fact that there are pictues of the project in the thread and he/she/it hasn't been back since that post.......single post to a dead thread on the join date and no return? Sounds/looks like a bot to me.

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