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  1. Hey ID Pearl. I'm moving to The South of Thailand maybe soon. Need to get me a Z there. Maybe i'll come and visit you, you know the locals.
  2. Really $^!# seeming so much there laying rusting away, that can be saved easily, with some work, there are to much in the US, but very rare here to find.
  3. The tar is only making things worse normally. I think the rust is eating a long way on your Z, if you do the work half, rust will continue eating. Best way is to strip the whole car down if you want to enjoy it longer. If you want to see how far rust can eat away, check my old topic!
  4. My old project didn't turn out the way I wanted, due high road check demands here:sick: .. Now i'm looking for a affordable one here, if anyone now one let me know. There are here but for costs around 10k, i'm not that welty earning
  5. This one is sold guys. Another one is coming. Road Check demands are to high here!
  6. Doing great there Mull:classic:, I stopped with mine, not that I cannot finish it, but some part's of the chassis strength were totally rusted away, and i reconstructed it another way, but since i don't live in America, EU has strict road check rules, so it would never pas. :tapemouth Now i'm lookinf for another Z ( Driveable ) with okay bodywork and engine, if you now something around here Mull, let me know :pirate:!
  7. Nice work! My 240Z was the same color by the last owner.
  8. Yeah.. I don't want to but there are things that are more important to me now. My girlfriend for instance who is in Thailand at the moment. I want here with me. So i'm selling the Z. Sorry guys my love for the Z will stay anyway. I will try to buy one later, when it's financial going better with me. Anyone close to the Netherlands who''s interested?
  9. Guys it's for sale now def. To bad, I hope someone will finish it :classic: If u got any interest please use mail or call me. I'm not often here. Mail: bart_hoedemaker@hotmail.com Tel: (31) 0)617808862
  10. Then i will use the original rockers, as i'm not worried with it. The brakes will be upgraded offcourse, both front and rear. The car will be lowered on stiff suspension. With some wide wheels. It must be still useable for normal road use. I don't mind a high end screamer... Regular wrenching isn't so bad either.. Although i'm sure it's not needed, if the engine is build up good. Diff en gearing house is in good shape. Do you know something about the iginition, for instance MSD or Mallory to the have kit's for the Nissan L series engine? Or do i need to adjust myself? Thnx in advance.
  11. I'm going to upgrade my L24 for some more HP and Torque. I don't want it turbo or supercharged just N/A Tuned. I'm putting down my ideas here, and like opinions of people here to..or maybe you have a better advice for me..! My idea: Lighten the std crankshaft. Lighten the std flywheel or buy a sport clutch. Stage III or IV Camshaft, with maybe adjustable camshaft pulley, so timing can be set better. Stronger rocker arms and springs. E30 Head flowing and lighten the valves to make more airflow space. Raised internal compression. MSD Ignition system.. ( Are there any that fit on Nissan L series engines? ) NGK or Denso spark plugs. 3 Weber or Mikuni 45 or 50 mm carbs. With upgraded fuel pump. 6 to 2 to 1 or a 6 to 1 Motorsport exhaust headers..and complete open pipe to the back just an end muffler. The fuel used is RON 98. Am i forgetting something? I''m not an expert on Nissan L series engines..help me out!
  12. Yes, I agree with you.. I work as a mechanic to, but beeing a mechanic today is very different then it used to be. In the old days more effort was done and parts the normally at today''s standards will be trowen away and just simply put in a new one, where fixed. Today the costs are more important than what you deliver... Today we live in the trow-away economy. And i think cars will get uglier and uglier, fuel economy and electronics will become more important. In the end..you don't have to drive by yourself anymore. :sick:
  13. My opinion is that you just can't replace the classic 240Z/ Fairlady S30 Design. New car's are all styled to much round curves in it. To much weight also, bec all of the modern features and materials... But in the end whe are forgetting what it is all about -> the driving experience. For instance the 240Z is lighter than a VW Golf. Sportscars..must be lightweight...not a battle ship. Loose all the unnecessary crap.. put an all aluminium block in it. Still a straight six, with DOHC head for instance. What i should do is restart the making of the old 240Z body. With modern features...everything old improved. But keep the Retro things..like the wooden steeringwheel etc.
  14. I think time is your great issue to? I'm still depending on the weekends, to work on her... But as i can see you will be doing fine to... It's endless work to be done, but once you are finished it will be a cool car!
  15. Frame, I just meaned the shell or body off the car, I don't know all English!! As i'm Dutch. Bruce: allright, and yes there's a shipyard just 2 km away from here, I allready know what they use, that's not so good idea i think. This is a car not a boat.
  16. Ok i c... So Por would be the best choice for good sealing. A man from my work also works with odltimers, and he said just use normal primer and paint for the shell, and don't drive it in the winter. But i won't think that puts much protection, and there are little stones etc on the road, that's where the original tar layer is for.
  17. No Just the "frame of the car itself" not the panels.
  18. Bruce, You can find pictures in my topic. It's part new ( factory zinked plate ) and old metal. I don't quite get your point, can you explain better? I need some good paint that seals de body of the car. I do not mean the outside plate work, like the doors and fenders etc. But the shell of the car.
  19. Soon my 240's bodywork will be completed and i need to put protection to it. I'm still doubting on both brands. How rough finish do both have? Rustbullet claimes to be better than Por-15. And somebody knows how to order Rustbullet, since i'm from the Netherlands. There's no salespoint here, it is for Por-15. Can somebody who has used on of these products remmond me some? Bart.
  20. Seems that rust doesn't stay in Finland :pirate: Not much time this week, will be the weekend again...
  21. Sounds very nice Ken, you have pictures of the engine bay?
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