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Me and my 73 Z

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Ill start off with a thank you for letting me join this great forum.. now i muyst introduce myself.

My name is Mike, im 20 from fresno california and ive been tuning cars/trucks since i was 15....

ive got a huge background from a 49 stude pickup, 67 caddy, to my 99 honda.

My current cars though are my 86 corolla gts coupe


lightly modified, sharp suspension. Just a daily driver..

My 92 SHO. currently being turned race car..


and the 73 Z i recently bought...

I know the past few owners...They all have tired to get it to run right end all gave up on it cuz the carbs are a bit difficult to tune.

So ive taken it on as a challenge for myself and my friends to see how good we can make this thing...

So far its got the L28 from a 78 280zx on dual weber carbs and some mean 4 piston caliper brakes up front, with everything else stock..

In the past few days i got it from stalling stuttering junk to 100mph flame throwing screamer ( maybe the carbs need a bit mroe tuning....)

This weekend though, im going to be putting on about 2k worth of parts, so hopefully it will run, ride, and drive like new when im done...

here are the pics as of today...



Shoe lace battery tie down FTL


Now as you can see most of it was pretty ratty and not too pretty


and poorly done


But im going to fix all that and get this thing in tip top shape..

Wish me luck :glenn:

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Welcome to the forum -- unfortunately we're going to have to ask you to leave as we already have our quota of "Mikes" -- just kidding!! Good luck with the project, sounds like you're making good progress. I would highly recommend getting the battery tie down ASAP, you don't want that thing flying around in your engine bay. You should be able to get it from your Nissan dealer parts department, as I believe it is still available without a problem. Cost is around $10 ~ $20 IIRC.

Welcome aboard!

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Looks to be in pretty good shape. hmmm. get an original hood. That hood is gonna make ppl laugh as you drive by. The rear wheels have been extended... makes me wonder what has been changed on the back end. Dunno if that is good or bad.

From your pics, it looks to be in good shape. The valve cover doesnt look original.. what engine do you have?

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thanks for the comments..

ive already got the battery tied down. i did that right after i took those pics..

yeah i want a stock hood, this one doesnt fit well and shakes at speed.

and its a l28 engine

remember how i said ive got some parts for it to put on?


And those are just the major stuff, ive still got more..

Ill post pics up as progress goes..

Thanks again for the warm welcome

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Looks good. I like that you are going back to the original hood! Good man! I too am in the process of what you are doing.

My main thing right now is eletrical which I am not too familar with, so maybe you should drop by and do it for me. Your only a few hours away. :P


You going to be getting the suspension hooked up before those tires?

If you don't already, I would advise to get a 4-Row radiator. The L28 came with a 3-Row, but the L24 came with an inefficient 2-Row which you could possibily still have under that hood. Radiators everywhere are expensive, but ebay has 4-Rows for slightly over $200 that drop right in unless you decide to do some custom work for a diff rad.

Keep up the good work!!! And welcome to the forum.

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for radiatior i have a sponsor with my other car, so maybe i could get one fro cheap.

for suspension im trying to get hold of coil overs..

maybe some traction bars and sub frame connectors

First off welcome to the club. I think you are going to find that you are now dealing with a different bread of cat from before. Depending on your intentions with the Z . I recommend changing form the Weber down draught carbs. I am running a ZX 280 engine with SUs, in my 240, and she is a strong runner. If you are looking for performance you might look to triples or after market injection. Plus head work and Cam. these cars with independent rear suspension don't use traction bars , but you can add heavy duty anti sway bars and suspension components. If you don't care about comfort or street-ability , because it will suffer. Zs are known for there cornering ability mainly, not zero to 100 racers. Although because of the lack of weight they will perform well with relatively little horse power. 200 HP is high HP in a Z. Gary

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ride comfort is not and issue. The corolla has 10k front springs and 8k rears, and that is my daily driver.

i do want to go to tripple side drafts, but that will some time with more money, the down drafts do just fine for now...

i want 200 RWHP though, at or around there, go NA on the side drafts, cams, headwork ect. Maybe high comp it...

And suspension i do want it a bit more tough, its a bit on the soft side, still not bad, but not great....

Thanks for the input

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