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i got the Z running again for the first time in almost a year. I took it out today and got it up to 80 on the freeway. granted, it was a bit of a windy day but jeez, this is a little car. i was getting blown all over the place! i know i need new struts but just damm.

oh well, just one more thing on the project list.

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:alien: After the shocks you can add lowering springs and poly bushings kit. Check the rack for play and replace if needed. Also what size rims and tires are you running? Get at least a 14" or 15" rims and at least 7" wide. Also check the out a new fiberglass spoiler for the front and a rear spoiler for the rear hatch area. After you get all of the new parts put on get a good front end alignment. It will help a lot in the wind area test. Good Luck, Rich.:bunny:
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it already has the front dam but everything else needs to be checked/fixed. i already knew that everything needed work. i did wake it from a 12 year slumber in a field a couple years ago. even when it was parked, i think it was all orginal. the only things i've replaced so far was the tires.

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You said that she is all over the road. Jack up the front end to get tires off the ground. Grasp a front tire front to back and see if you can feel any play , looseness, then do the same thing holding from top to bottom. You can feel if the tie rod ends are shot and also the same for the ball joints. I tried a set of 15'' rims with 215/50s . Falcons was the brand of tires, which are good performance tires. The car was all over the place seeking its own line . I put my own 195/70s back on and solid as a rock. I was told by tire guys that it was a combination of the off set of the mags and the width of the rubber. If you have loose tie rods and or ball joints the car will want to wander and in the wind it is magnified. My 240 was a handful until I replaced the worn out struts and lowered the front a inch or so. She handles great now. I did also replace the stock springs with Euro stage 1 , all the way around. Gary

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