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240z Brake Vacumn Check Valve - Direction??


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Hi - I just purchased a remanufactured Brake Booster and New Vacumm Check Valve. I'm installing them this weekend .

My question is: What direction does the Vacumm Check Valve get installed? There is an ARROW and "E" marking on the gray port pointing toward the black port.


When I blow into the Gray Port - air passes, when I pull vacumm on the Gray port - air is blocked.

When I blow into the Black Port - No Air passes (it's blocked), when I pull vacumm on the Black Port - air passes.

Any help and guidance is appreciated...Many thanks.

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Thanks... for the immediate responses so I got it!!!

The "E" and Arrow pointing to the Engine (the Gray Port) .... allows Air to blow/pass from the Brake Booster to the Engine Manifold. Therfore the Gray Port connects to the Brake Booster side while the Black Port connects to the Engine Manifold side of the vacumm hose.

Many thanks....

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Funny, the PO of my 240Z had turned this around. I upgraded to vented disc, solid disc, 280Z booster and 15/16 MC. The braking improved but was still giving a hard pedal. I drove a friend's 280Z (the only other Z I've ever driven) and his brakes were great. He mentioned the check valve. I checked it out, found it installed backwards, installed it right. I nearly put my head through the windshield when I tested the brakes again.

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