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  1. If the fan shroud in your 76 is like how it was in my 78, it's actually TWO pieces, a top, and a bottom. There are bolts/screws that hold the upper and lower halfs together. I was having trouble with it too till I realized it's made of two pieces and i separated them.
  2. I had the same issue and I just soaked them in some vinegar, cleaned them up good, sanded up the contacts, and they never gave me problems since. I don't think its necessary to convert them.
  3. It may sound silly, but check your fuel lines. I fought for days when I bought my car with a nasty lean condition, everything I did wouldn't fix it, then i found out an old fuel line between the pump and tank was kinked, starving the car. I saw someone recommended you disconnect the FPR from the vacuum but I didn't see you post any results, Seems like that's the only other thing that could be wrong. HOWEVER You did mention that when you pinched the return line you saw no difference in the pressure. That almost leads me to think you may have a clogged filter, or kinked fuel line. a 100% pinched return line would cause the pressure to spike to almost 100psi.
  4. the mounting and layout described in those images are exactly the same as the mounting/layout on my 78 280z, which is the original exhaust that the car came with (muffler is stamped 6/78, same build date as on my vin plate) so I don't think they made any other changes after '75
  5. but if you're aiming for 300ish horsepower, you're pushing the bleeding edge of what a stroker can do. From what I understand, because of the sohc, our engines can only produce 100hp per liter in N/A form. It would be much more cost effective to build an L28ET to pull those kinds of numbers. BUT if you really do want a 3.1l call up rebello. those guys kick butt
  6. that ebay ad is basically saying "Here's the birth certificate and ID's of a guy that just died, have fun!"
  7. how about convert it to a turbocharged blow through carb setup? I mean, it would be cheaper, and possibly easier to do (if you don't like wiring things up. it does have its own quirks, but I think it would be a unique setup
  8. you're thinking of twice pipes. MSA makes a 3-2 header and a twice pipe kit, however, you need to modify some parts to make TRUE twice pipes (the MSA kits come with a 2-1 pipe on both ends, so it goes 2-1-2) I really don't think you'll see a 10-15% increase in performance, BUT they sound REALLY REALLY NICE! I don't know what you mean by "all the hoses and stuff" on top of the exhaust. there's one pipe for the EGR, and msa does make an egr compliant header. other than that it's bolt in.
  9. biodiesel is made from plants, where as what he's using is WVO (waste vegetable oil, OR straight vegetable oil) quite a bit different. it's not really the terminology that's wrong, since they're totally different fuels. well, nevermind. Biodiesel can be made from WVO, but some people don't do that, and instead just run WVO/SVO into their car's just how it is. I think that's a little easier to do, as long as you filter the waste oil first.
  10. I have way too much to do to my Z. I probably won't start making her all nice and pretty for several years (maybe more, basically whenever I get access to tools and a garage) for now the plan is just get her to pass emissions. I ordered a new exhaust to replaced the crushed one (crushed down to under 1in o_o) and I need to buy a bunch of vacuum lines to replace a lot of old ones I found (which are most likely causing my lean issue) if thoes dont' fix it, I'll have to see just how well I can fudge tune her to pass emissions. so for the most part, once I get her to pass emissions she'll be "done" in the sense that I'll be able to DD her. Possibly for the first time in almost 20 years (I haven't found any evidence to show that she's been driven much after december of 1986)
  11. From what I've read in a different thread, having ZDDP in the oil helps reduce the wear on the cam, lifters, and rockers for older engines. I can't remember everything in detail, but I've been runing valvoline VR-1 because of the thread (I think it was on hybridz)
  12. well also because afaik exhaust systems also help pull heat away from the head and valves. without them they burn up
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