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Triple Dellorotos ready to install


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I don't know if you brought them new or refurbished them yourself, but did you look to see if the jets are anywhere near the sizes required for your engine spec.? (Probably you know this already, but some people think its a case of just bolting them on and expect miracles). If you refreshed them, you have done a great job. Are they 40's or 45mm ones? Don't look like 48mm. Have fun tuning them, I did not look forward to doing mine, but I got Rebello Racing to build my engine, and they tuned my carbs to suit.

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I did'nt expect to guess the correct size jets etc just went by the Des Hammil book on Webers and Dells for round about size and hopefully not too far off when I bolt them on. I've heard they can cost you a fortune trying to tune them right. Anyhow they are 40's with 32mm chokes so it should keep it pretty streetable. I bought the carbs jsut as I installed an L28 in the car. With the L28 and the old SU's back on it runs a hell of a lot better than the old L26 so if the tuning gets to be too much of a headache it'll be baqck on with the SU's and onto E-bay with these. Anyhow still to early to tell. Will see soon enough.



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Hi Sulio,

Yes Des's book is an excellent starting point. I "base" tuned mine for my 3.1, using Des's book as a guide, but when Rebello set them up with the engine they built for me, some of the jets were well out. I had to change the chokes too. Expensive the jets. Do you have a place in Oz where you can get Dellorto jets and spares from? Stick with them, as once you have paid for the jets/rolling road time, they don't need much looking after, just maintence stuff . If you are running a higher lift cam, this may mean you have to go up a jet size or two to accomadate the extra fuel being sucked in.

Anyway, I would be interested to hear how you get on.



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my dad had some 45's that he used to use on his vw to race, then upped it to 48's

my mom's ghia had 35's, and I HAD a set of 40's till my dad decided NOT to build me a new engine after the one that was in it blew up since it was so worn out, then blamed me for it.

I always see these triple webbers, and i've always wanted to see someone do a triple dellorto setup

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