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WTB: 240z rear bumper LHS


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Hello all,

I need a rear left hand bumper off a 240z to complete my rebuild. The one off my car must be off a 260z as the angles are out by about 10 degrees which results in the tip of the bumper being 40mm from the guard. We only found it after test fitting after extensive panel repairs. The panels measure up as per the factory spec.

It needs to have the holes for securing the rubber strip to.

Many thanks guys and gals.


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Mark - email sent

David. MSA have sent me plenty of large packages via USPS. Shipping wasn't too bad. I've been looking into getting a Tokico spring and shock kit off Jon at Betamotorsports. Jon found out that BAX Global has better pricing than USPS. Maybe worth a look if you haven't already sent the items.

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I replied to your email.

I will try to box and weigh the part tonight so you will have a weight to judge shipping costs.

As I said in the email, I will give you the part for free as long as you pay the shipping charges.

My address is in the email so you can figure what the best way of shipping will be for you.

Cheers mate.....

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