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Just took a few videos of the 280z. For an update, I now have a new brake master cylinder, new water pump, and a radiator cap off of an RX-7(original one was spraying the windshield with water). I still have to fix a few things (I think it doesn't fire on one cylinder but I'm not sure). Comments would be appreciated.

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I haven't announced it yet, but, we went into partnership with "Power TV"... Check out the new link in the left menu. I'm in the process of modifying our video channel, but, you can upload videos to it. It's much easier to use than our old system. This one is more like Youtube.


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Yes, I was anxious to drive it, the body parts will eventually come back on. I hope to have it insured and registered within two weeks, just got no#3 injector to work again (it is now firing on SIX) and I got my fuel guage working. Every day a little bit.

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