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Polishing hard lines


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What are people doing to polish the various hard lines like fuel & brake lines?

I've just been clamping the tube in a vise and sanding & polishing it lengthwise. First some 800 then 1000 grit sand paper, then fine steel wool and then some metal polish.


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The plating is so thin that it is easier to buy/fab new tubing. There was a post RE finishing of brake lines a while back.

Think the polishing might be short lived if you go too far. A paste polish compound would be better and remove minimal plating.

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Unless the tubing is aluminum or stainless it is plated. (Brake lines are not ally) Usually tin plated but some are cad or nickel. If you have a spare line laying around cut it or sand it heavily and watch it rust.

After years of exposure my 71's lines needed to be replaced. A double flare tool, 25 ft spool of 3/16" brake line and new fittings got that new shiny look post haste:)

Using a paste polish while more laborious would remove the least amount of plating. It's easier to replace IMHO.



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