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over charging


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First, get a voltmeter and take measurements. Let us know what the results are.

Second, are you sure you got an alternator that is not internally regulated?

Third, what were the circumstances that necessitated changing out the alternator, regulator and battery?

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IIRC, it was all plug and play to drop in the interally regulated alternator (well, except for the conflict between the internal and external regulator and the fact that you need to install diodes to prevent feedback that will cause run-on, but I digress). I'll try to remember to look at my car tonight to verify. What is the rated output on your new alternator?

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I had this problem with my original 72. It was the lead at the voltage regulator that feeds back to the battery to tell it what the charge sate is. It was broken at the connector under the regulator. If it;s not connected it will be telling the regulator that the battery is dead to give it max charge. If I remember right it was a white wire.

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