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2007 Z Fest Pictures


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yesterday was the 13th annual Ontario Z Fest in Dundas and I got to go with the Datsun.

here are some pics of the cars that showed up. If i was to guess there were around 100 cars at the event.




This guy won Stock Z32 300zx class


Car on the left one Modified 280Z class (that was me.. woot) and the car on the right won stock 240Z and people's choice award


and some complimentary shots of my car





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Good taste in wheel choice! I believe these style wheels just look right on the early Z's (or any sports car)......provided the car doesn't sit too high. Take a look at my photo album to get an idea of what a 3pc wheel in this style looks like. Before I installed these wheels on my Z (back in 2001), the only other Z I ever saw with them was Tod Kaneco's (spelling?) orange 240 at the 30th anniversary Z show in Las Vegas. They seem to be gaining popularity!


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Nice looking car. I love the wheels as well.

Just curious though...Ontario plates in one photo and Florida plates in the other two photos:surprised Different time periods on the photos?

I bought the car from florida and picked up the classic plate at a store to keep for shows and such. the last pics were taken on our way out and i had put on the Ontario plate so i could drive home ;) last thing i needed to do was try to drive home with an ontario plate on the back and florida plate on the front..LOL.. i didn't even think about it till i posted the pics and noticed it myself

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