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  1. My F54 (flattops) and P79 combo is putting down a firm 162rwhp at 6k rpm. its got a mild cam (.460 lift only) and SU's. its a fun drive, not fast by any means though. 15.1 car, that was with 50* weather and a moderate 60' time on street tires (not that i was spinning much anyway). definately no screaming rocket. I've contemplated the L6 build and meh V8 just seems to fit my needs/wants better. to each their own
  2. by stock i meant stock appearance. I already have a F54 block in my 280 and different drivetrain, front air damn etc. I am planning a V8 swap which is kinda obvious to not fit under the guidelines of the rules that the company applies that I'm using. I do in-home sales so I use my car daily, a lot. I use this Z for Friday afternoon calls and saturday calls when things are a little more relaxed and not as busy. My wife will also drive it to her office on occasion. So unfortunately this isn't a "pleasure" car only (although its always a pleasure to drive). Jason
  3. I have historical insurance on the Z, well I did last year. It says I have to be "stock" though... so when the motor goes out so will that insurance. I was paying around $200/yr for it... I'll pay $100/mnth next year for the months its on the road as an occaisonal driver. *shrug*
  4. best option for that price range for HP per dollar will be a V8 swap. I was quoted $3500 for a N42 ported and new cam to drop onto my F54 block, then would need to add triples to that to get north of 200RWHP. $4500~ for 200hp. not a good value IMO. For $7-8k I can drop in a carb'd LQ4 6L V8 and 6spd tranny. 400+HP more reliable, more streetable and more torque.
  5. makes me smile to know there are good people out there still
  6. so, where can i get a nice set of triples for a reasonable price gents?! interesting read for a new member to say the least
  7. I personally like them on the car. I think its becuase not a lot of cars have them and they catch my eye whenever I drive... also the safety aspect is good considering I'd go to jail if I got in an accident (from killing the SOB that hit me)... i say keep them
  8. says sold now... what's odd is i was high bidder on his first auction and won at $4300... reserve not met. he 2nd chance offered it to me at $5800 (reserve at $6k)... then lists it for $5k on here... had he offered it to me at $5k I probably would have taken it... oh well, like you said, there were some questions to say the least with the car
  9. Looks good. As said nice to have a few more Z's north of the boarder... I was born in Surrey once upon a time, and my sister on the island... Welcome!
  10. is your front grill chromed or painted? i also like the painted rear panel to accent the paint. looks really nice.
  11. I saw that on the weekend too... I was like "THATS A DATSUN, DID YOU SEE IT!!!" my wife wasn't nearly as excited as i was... oh well
  12. this is a kinda scary thread. you just don't know what you have till you get a thorough inspection (or in this case a thorough stripping with chisel and hammer) good job on the work so far. looks like it isn't as bad as the initial thoughts i had. good luck
  13. Cheticamp eh? I was in Port Hawkesbury for 3 yrs and I can attest to all the Aucoin's I've met while I was there... Small world
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