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need help with points


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Seems like I set mine at 0.45mm. But then for reasons that I long ago forgot I only have metric feeler gages... When I used to set points on American cars I was constantly multiplying by 25.4

I have never owned a dwell meter. They made sense on an old G.M. where the dwell was adjustable without removing the cap. Seems like on a Z where you have to pull the cap anyway and pry the points open a feeler gage would work just as well.

But to each his own.

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According to Haynes manual all MT points are to be set at .018-.022".

I don't think he has a dwell meter but he may get one someday. Not that it essential but it is nice.

Fairlady in a pinch.. Just to get you home/back on the road you can use a piece of cereal box cardboard to set the gap. (If you don't have feeler guages.) Not having the points gapped right may result in rough running or no running and will shorten the life of the points. The cereal box method is just a temporary measure to bail one out until proper repair can be made.

Did you get my PM?


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