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1973 240Z PROJECT CAR + PARTS: NEED TO SELL ASAP- Allentown, PA region


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Ok, so the time has come so I have to bite the bullet and sell the project for several reasons. I wrote a thread about this vehicle a few weeks ago, now I've returned from my vacations with even less time to sell the car. This vehicle/parts lot needs to be sold by the 24th of August, I'm running out of time.

The long and the short of it is, the vehicle was a project I started a long while ago, got in to deep, and now am moving out of the house and my garage space allotment is no longer.

I purchased the vehicle the 1973 240Z in 2003, it had a 4 spd manual. When purchased it ran and drove very well, everything was functional and in tact. All head lights an tailights remain un cracked. The dashboard has a few light cracks from weathering, all though it remains in excellent condition. The seats are in fantastic condition with only a small, roughly a half an inch long tear on the passengers seat. Both windshield are fully intact with no cracks. There is light rust around the windsheild with a hole about a dime in size. There was also a small rust hole in the usual cowel spot on the drivers side fender. The floorboards were fairly rusted, not too badly though, hence the purchase of the floor panels (later mentioned). Orginal jack and wheel chocks in cluded. Since then the vehicle has ben completely stripped all parts were shelved, all bolts were placed in plastic ziplock bags and labeled appropriately. I completely stand by my word that all parts that were originally on the vehicle have not been lost and are all accounted for. Since accquiring the vehicle I have purchased the following for it which are all including in the sale:

L28 engine - bored out .030", high compression pistons, hot cam.- purchased from previous owner of the car, he verified that it ran

Full set of Tokico HP shocks and springs

Complete set of urethane bushings

Floor panels and frame rails from Zedd Findings

I also sand blasted and refinished all front suspension components with a rust proofer and coated in chassis black from EastWood.

As it stands, the vehicle is a bare shell with back suspension and diff still attached so you can pick up the front of the car and move it easily to push it in and out of a truck. The original engine is also included in the sale, although it has been dismantled so I could move it into the basement. All parts were kept in excellent condition and would be an easy rebuild. All other parts are in my garage on shelves.

Any reaonable offers considered

Anybody interested feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns

Phone: 484-515-9681

E-mail: [email protected]

I will be posting photos of the vehicle in its current condition, and also how it appeared before I stripped it.

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