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Need a Plug reading PLEASE!!!


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dont know if these pics are good enough , best I could get 1-6 left to right. I noticed 1&2 look alittle whiteish, 3 & 4 alittle brownis 5,6 alittle darker, but all the insulators are sooty, was at .045 just put in new and change to .041,

trip webers, mild cam 2.6 bored 30 over, unilte dizzy , running 34 degrees total! Blaster II coil



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Jon is right, for lots of reasons. First, reading plugs is tricky and not very accurate, especially these days with the myriad of different additives in today's fuel which pollutes the plug color.

Besides, your pictures are to unfocused to glean much from, even if we could read plugs accurately.

Best to use an O2 sensor, or at least an exhaust gas analyzer.

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