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help bad hatch strut support


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Well i purchased a used hatch strut support about a month ago and i finally got

the time today to install it on my Z only to find out that it seems to seized.

It won't collapse. I tried putting some WD 40 and hitting it with a rubber mallet but it still won't go down. Is there something special that i have to do to make it


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Nope. If you lean on the ones I have, they have resistance, but they begin to compress at, I'd say, about 15-20 pounds of pressure.

Sounds like you bought a overly complex prop-stick. ;o)

Please let me know if you would like to purchase one that actually retracts (but I don't know if the ones I have are stout enough to keep the hatch up!!!)

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Note that there were two types. The early 240Zs only came with a single strut on the left side. At some later point they went to a pair of struts, both with mower pressure. If your car only uses the left side strut, you ned the early higher-pressure strut - a single low-pressure strut won't support the hatch.

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