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Need help with a different car!


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I need some help guys. We acquired a 79 Toyota Corona DLX the belonged to my wife's deceased grandmother. It is in very good condition with just 82K miles. I've been pouring some money in it regardless replacing wear parts like tires, shocks, brakes, exhaust.... Anyway it has an A40 3 spd auto tranny and a 20R engine. The throttle pressure cable that runs from the carb to the tranny got stuck, and basically took away any gas pedal travel. So my Z guy took the cable off and I'm driving it without this cable, which normally provides kickdown. I cannot find this cable anywhere, and am wondering if any of you with Japanese friends in Japan might have connections with some Toyota folks. The Corona was replaced by the Camry in 1983, so you can imagine the lack of certain Corona parts that exists in the US. I'd like to find someone who I can pose some other questions to such as will an A40D overdrive tranny fit where the A40 is without much trouble? Thanks in advance.

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I can't believe that Toyota doesn't have that part somewhere in the USA. Go to the Toyota dealer with the part and ask for it. They should be able to get it if they don't have one. Alternately, your local pick-and-pull may have one. I believe that Toyota did use that engine/transmission combination on other cars as well. Good luck!

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Hi Yo,

Try these Cats out.

They seem to have the goods laying around or know where or how to get them.

I was trying to track down information on a super rare NOS 1970 - 1977 Celica TA22 GT Dragon grille emblem and they seemed to know alot and help me out on the history of it and stuff ( Very Knowledgeable people).

Theres another group in Texas who can help also so

I'll post that link too when I find it.

Jus click on the Toyota Logo and go from there, You can also email them too.



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