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    1977 280z some mods in excellent condition with 23000 original miles

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  1. Awsome!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the cool pics...they could be contest winners! Fred:classic:
  2. Amazing....great story line....but hard to understand! Thanks, fun to watch!
  3. Can't help with the car...but love the beerLOL
  4. Congrats and good luck with the Z....looks like it has great potential!!!!!!!! Keep us posted on your progress!
  5. Welcome, looks like a tiger Z to me! Nice car!
  6. Thanks for the great link and congrats to Tom of New York....nice zzzz!
  7. Nice color! When do estimate completion?
  8. mr280

    Gap sizes?

    Just happen to have my old library discarded Chiltons....sparkplug gap.031-035 and dwell angle 35-41.:knockedou
  9. Yes I had the same issue....just tore the old one out and squeezed in the new one from Black Dragon (19.95)....looks great!
  10. Cool portfolio...........nice cars!!!!!!!!
  11. mr280


    There are alot of people that would die for your car....looks great....keep everyone posted on your progress........
  12. 1st z in 89 a blue 78, then a white blind date 85 300 in 93, then a sweet brown 75 280 in 2003 (hence mr280) and currently a cool white 72 240! I have and continue to enjoy the ride.:knockedou
  13. Yes I am very interested.....if you want to sell it, let me know how you want to proceed and for the record..... Enigma, I was not hijacking a request, cause I realized that Trisha had first choice. This is a forum. Thanks, Fred
  14. Hello....I am in need of a rear overrider for a 72 z....the car had one at one time and it was removed...if you are interested in selling it, I would be very interested. Thanks, Fred
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