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Getting ready to paint engine bay


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Hey guys... it's been quite a while since I've been on here, I took some time off and now I am ready to start the next phase of my project which is painting the engine bay, inside of doors and underside of hood.

I am not sure if its a good idea to paint the interior sections before I start the the exterior body work. All this (as is everything about the Z car) is new to me. I want the engine bay etc. to be the same color as the exterior of the car and since I am not painting everything at once I am wondering if these are appropriate steps.

Also, I am going to paint my car PURPLE But I don't want Barney Purple. I am looking for a Deep Indigo Purple if anyone has any suggestions. I don't care what anyone else thinks - its my favorite color and I can do whatever I want to my Z :) Thanks! Alissa.

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That's a coincidence. I just picked up some paint supplies from the PPG supplier and was on my way home. We just pulled off the expressway and were passed by a new Ford Edge. It was a dark purple that really caught the sunlight. When we pulled along side of it at the first red light, we took a good look at it. It looked almost black. We made a long sweeping turn, still side by side and the purple hue jumped out once again as it caught the sunlight again. We then started to talk about some of the new special effects paint. I signed on to the site when I got home and seen your thread. Weird. There are some nice colors available today. Some of them come with a hefty price also. I did like that purple on the Edge.

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