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Just braggin - My roadster in print

Victor Laury

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Lightning - Nippon Vintage Auto #6 came out a few months ago with my roadster featured in the Z car theme special section.

You'll note the major error in the listed year of my car! I guess we had a comunication problem, as I spoke no Japanese and my interviewer spoke little english!


LINK FIXED - Thanks WingZr0

You may want to check out the entire photo site


There's been a few more additions you might not have seen yet.

As Always - Leave your comments!

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Sweeet Fairlady Vic!

Congradulations on tha article, only some can be so lucky :)

I see you keep that baby CLEAN :classic: the engine compartment looks absolutely mint as the rest of the car.

Didn't know you was that big of a dude though. We could've used you on the Niner's last season :laugh: LOL !

BTW what color paint?

That cream color with those rims are nice.


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I've been buying them, along with Nostalgic Heros and Old Timers from amazon.co.jp . With a little patience, you can set up an account. Now here's the trick - The magazines are around $12 each but shipping is around $25, so, buy a bunch at once and ONLY buy the ones availible from Amazon.jp . They bundle them up and ship them air via DHL to your door in 3 DAYS!!

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Hi Victor:

Way to go - nice pictures of a great car.. You've got to be happy about that.

Nissan Sport Mag. should make a deal with several of the Japanese Magazine Publishers that would allow Nissan Sport Mag. to translate and republish several great articles published in Japan. Nissan Motors should encourage that arrangement and indeed help sponsor it.


Carl B.

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