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Parking Lamp/Turn Signal lense screws


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Does anyone know the metric screw size for the Parking Lamp/ Turn Signal Lense screws? There are 6 of them in each of the front lower lense housings.

My screw gauge is a poor one for small fine thread screws---I.E. Chinese made :tapemouth

Near as I can tell from trying they would be M3.5 and there are 3 different lengths depending on which of the lense studs they are to go into.

15.5 mm

17.5 mm

24.5 mm

Has anyone ( Will, Escanlon, Beandip, Dave ) sourced these in stainless steel or brass as was mentioned in a previous thread about problematic original parts that could be improved? My previous ones were very rusted and from 4 housing/lense assemblies I could only get about 8 screws that came out intact.

Thanks for any help!

Jim D.

Zup" :bunny:

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I bought about 10 sets in stainless to get past the minimum order charge, the length all works at the same, the holes are all threaded beyond what is needed.

I'll go back through my notes and get you a price=easily mailed in an envelope...

I have been working on a weay to get the remnants of the screw out...


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I thought you had mentioned something about it previously.

I also thought that they could be the same length,---as you said---they all seemed to be tapped deeper than required.

Getting those buggers out is not easy---especially the lower 3!!! :nervous:

Lots of PB Blaster soak and a 1/8" dia. drill bit to get a hole started for the smallest E-Z out I could find and it usually ended with the screw head snapping off. That was generally O.K. as I could then remove the lense from the housing and attack the stub of the screw with a pair of needle nose Vise-grips to ease the screw on out.

50/50 for the course---out of 2 pair of lense I saved 1 pair by getting all the screws out without damaging the plastic bumps that are tapped for the screw threads.

Stainless for sure this time-- and a dollup of clear silcone to boot over the heads as insurance against water penetration down in there. Just let me know what you want for the screw sets Will and I'll PayPal ya the amount.

If you have several sets I would like to purchase a few, as I will have 3 of this type project going soon.

Thanks for you reply and help as always!! :)

Jim D.

"Zup" :bunny:

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