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Hi / Low Headlight Switch...alternatives


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Hi Guys,

I have had the usual issues with left indicator working intermitedly and solved this issue by opening the moon shaped switch that the indicator stalk goes into and cleaning it up, strectching the spring and re-installing.

At the same time I was hoping to fix the switch for the hi/low beams and damaged it beyond repair. I was wondering if this same switch is found in a 280ZX or any other Datsuin models? It was available new from some Datsun suppliers up until a year or so in Australia so new is not an option anymore.

The switch I'm talking about is the square one pictured below with the long plastic "pin" sticking out!???


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Thanks, Steve I've sent them a message. yes the Aussie model is the same. I've already tried Nismo Parts as they did also sell the item new as a combined unit with indicaotr switch as shown in the pic above but they no longer sell it either. :(

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