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Hello people! A few weeks ago I picked up a clean 1974 260Z 2+2, as a "toy" and a car for my teenage son and stepson to drive, to teach them about things mechanical, and give them something constructive to focus on.

As a former owner of several British roadsters, mostly Triumph TRs, I know that living with an older sportscar teaches many valuable lessons: it teaches patience, deductive reasoning (as in "where the hell can that electrical short be?"), problem solving, and improvisation (the MacGuyver effect).

Driving a Triumph as my only car taught me many things about life :-) One of those lessons was of course: "sometimes you walk."

I bought the Z because the kids don't need lessons THAT hard (after all Z's have no Lucas electricals)!

This was an eBay special, I bought it after nothing more than a few conversations with the PO, flew to Birmingham and armed with nothing but a cellphone and a credit card, jumped in and drove the 600 miles back to Tampa. Well, drove some of the way, limped for a good part of it (I had some serious fuel delivery issues). Made it all the way. Didn't use the credit card for anything but gas :)

I just posted some pics in my gallery, but they are "pending image approval." Guess they thought I was going to upload some pr0n. Gallery is here: http://www.classiczcars.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=24119&cat=500&ppuser=14082

We've cleaned it up quite a bit, replaced the totally shot flat-top carbs with a set of only somewhat tired 3-screw SUs, blew out the fuel lines and installed new filters. The rear electric pump was all clogged up, so as of now it it bypassed and I'm running on the mechanical pump only.

She still needs some work. The AC is out, but the compressor turns fine. I need a bottom seat vinyl for the driver's side, and the car is serious need of a proper paint job.

Overall, I'm pleased so far. let me know what you think when the pics are released!

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Welcome to the forum.

The stock electrical pump has a cartridge type filter. Chances are you will have to order one of those. The mechanical pump in my 73 with 2.8 couldn't keep up while on the track. I also put another filter between the electrical pump and the tank.

Do you still have the ebay page for the car?

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Here's the page for the car:


I always understood the electric on the 74's as a booster, and part of the answer to the fuel "percolation" (read: vapor lock) problem these cars had. Delivery now seems adequate, but I plan on replacing the electric soon anyway. OEM type is *expensive,* since I have three inline fuel filters I'm going to use a plain aftermarket type electric like the clogged one I pulled out.

That's the plan, anyway...

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Pics are up - Welcome to the site Fred. Nice looking car. You sure did clean it up! When you start detailing the engine it will give you the perfect opportunity to teach the young uns a few things. Have fun with it.

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My '73 sat for 14 yrs and had a build up of varnish in the tank. The electric pump wouldn't work untill I took it out and hooked it up to a battery. I replaced the filter that was in it and haven't had a problem since. Except when i unplug the pump near the pass floorboard. ;-) The bottom of the pump has a cap that twists off and exposes the filter.

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.......Overall, I'm pleased so far. let me know what you think when the pics are released!

Looks like a great buy. Nice to see you are going to put it to good use, with the kids. Let me know if you plan to replace that electric fuel pump. They are expensive for a new stock pump, and I don't think they are available. I tried last fall and there was one in NY. If you add an aftermarket, I'd be glad to know what you used and how loud the pump is. I still plan to replace the original due to its volume (loud).

BTW, interesting name, Exdamyankee. Is there a story there?

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You got your self one great deal IMO. Personnaly, I think the 260 is usually found with low mileage because most of there owners tired easily of those hot and cold starting problems associated with some change that was made after the 240s run. Fuel injection in the 280 settled that once and for all apparently. anyway the 260 seemed to be parked more then driven. Just my 2 cents. I have to admit, changing over to the triple Webber Carbs was a butt kicking experience, costly, but worth it...everybody likes the look and the performance diffrence is like driving a new car. Good Luck with your project. I know the kids will learn alot....

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Thanks for the welcome, guys.

CANDYBLUE - I love the look of trip DCOEs, but I figure if I do that I'm going to need a bigger cam at the very least, not to mention a better exhaust system to take advantage of the benefits of the carbs. While I do plan on putting the MSA 3-2/twice pipes setup on the car over the short term, I'd rather not get into engine internals yet. I just don't think it's prudent to throw another 40-50 HP into the car with the teens driving.

BTW, my last TR6 had trip DCOE 40s, a big lopey cam and a free-flow exhaust with quad-tips. Estimated 140-150 HP (Stock was 105), and I could get myself into a fair bit of trouble with that car myself :-) Sounded awesome and ran like the proverbial sexually assaulted primate.

DARRELL - The OEM pump was long gone, it was an aftermarket Carter pump that I pulled out. It wasn't terribly loud when it was in there (yes it was running). I'll pull the number off that one and try to replace it.

NWCUBSMAN - I'll let you know what part it is if I can find one like it. As for the nic, when I moved to the South from New York, I was affectionately known as "That Damned Yankee" by some. Others quickly informed me that the term "Damned Yankee" was redundant. Anyway, after 16 years in Florida, I think I qualify as an "Ex-Damned Yankee" now, hence the name :-)

GEEZER - Thanks, it looks a whole lot better now than the pics show, you're looking at a quick wash in those pics. Thanks!

I think that covers everyone.

Now that it's running fairly well, I need to patch up some surface rust on the door edges and the rear hatch. Then we're going to try paint. Gotta lear someday (if I botch it I'll sand it down and do it again until I get it right). Plans are to keep the stock Metallic silver, but add double wide Shelby type black stripes (6" stripe/1" gap/6" stripe) from nose to tail over the top. How's that sound?

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Yeah Blue, so do I. It's a period-correct Nardi wheel, with the engraved "E. Nardi" signature on the 2 o'clock spoke. They sold for about $75 in 1974, a hefty chunk of change back then. It looked a little dingy 'til I hit it with some four-ought steel wool--brought the shine right back.

I remember wanting one for one of my TR-6s years ago, but never forked over the dough.

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