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Driving along the other day, I noticed a familiar shape off the side of the road in the lot area of a shop. There were several other vehicles by it, and I felt the need to turn around and drive down to ask some questions.

What I found is now just the remnants of a shell, the roof is great (headliner too), the hood is very good (but not perfect), the rear quarters seem workable (surface rust), but most everything else is gone. It still has all four hubcaps (only one Z centercap is missing), and the owner is willing to sell it for whatever anyone may offer (that's the impression I got, anyway).

The engine and tranny have been pulled and installed in a 240 racer (sorry, no photos-but from what I saw, WOW!-it looked great)

Makes me sad, though, seeing such an early 280 being eaten away by rust, but at least some of it is being reused. I'm not trying to sell this carcass, but I would like to see the last of the good parts (like the caps) put to good use, rather than rot to oblivion...

edit: I just got my real digital camera back in action, so if anyone wants better (non-phone) pictures of any areas, let me know.









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Carl-the engine compartment ID is still there, I took a shot of it but it came out poorly. I believe it was 1284, but I could be wrong (probably am).

zwhore-the hatch was glassless, but I think it was in decent shape. I will get more info, as well as a contact number.

Next time I go over (it's in Brevard), I'll get some better shots, and hopefully some shots of the race prepped 240 that was in the shop, as well as the mini and the Berkeley. There were a couple Triumphs in various states of assembly, an MGB gt (under wraps, but I know that shape :P ) and then there were some cars in the back that I didn't see...

(included is a shot of a restored Berkeley-they are SMALL)




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So, I went back to the shop the other day, in order to get some better shots.

All have been uploaded to photobucket here:


the mini cooper racer is here:


and there is some other stuff, as well

I also got some nice shots of the 240z racer...









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