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    i have had many z's.
    every year, 70- 87, 90, 03 and 05.
    to many, or not enough?
    that is the question.

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  1. Wow. I feel your pain. I bought a blue headliner from him, only to have it be total junk. Left messages, emailed, had people he hangs out with tell him. Nothing from him to date. The headliner backing was only glued around the edge, so it fell right away. Second try, the vinyl was about 1/3 glued so it fell after sitting for 3 days. There was no 3rd try. Why install junk? I have never, in 21 years of z'ing, had a problem with MSA that wasnt able to solved with a single phone call. And thats 21 years and near 200 z's. All it took with Les is one time. And so sinks the ship.
  2. good idea. i have a perfect pass side i can donate for a super nice discount on a first run:)
  3. wow. thats it, the blue is going on ebay. if he can 9k+ already for that kinda work, ill get my 7500. cant spend 20 bucks on a set spark plug wire holders. so ugly.
  4. im headed down to les today. hes has been busy working on a new site, and im pretty sure he said something about expanding or moving. anyway, hes great. im picking up the last blue headliner left over from nissans resto project. and a can of paint. give him a call. email is for younger hip folks. he likes to talk.
  5. awesome. not sure how that has gotten by me all these years. anything else im missing out on? thanks again.
  6. was there ever an option for a roof spoiler/window spoiler like the old supra have? an oem or dealer option in the 80's? i have one on my 81, po says its an oem option, very rare. ive been around z's for 20+ years now and ive never seen or heard of one. thanks
  7. who is this norm you speak of? never heard of zsaver. neither has google.
  8. anyone have a good source for fuel and cooling hose clamps? oem wrap around style. ebay, duh. lets try a place that isnt 10 bucks for 2 clamps. thanks
  9. that sucks. at least youll heal. good luck with another one.
  10. thats a blue blue. is all that new or very clean? very nice.
  11. it is cali. were all high on something. smog or otherwise.
  12. i know that car. dont buy it. its parts. at best. i remember seeing that years ago. there is a 10/70 on ebay out here for 1kish. a few more on cl. its only 30 hours to columbus from here. come on out. do you live near a skyline chili? i sure am hungry.
  13. just got the og grille, valance, spare(that is brand new never used but og!!) the og slots and the og motor with the e31 on it. win. got to talk to the 2nd owner too. back east this is a dream car. i remember looking at #11000 something back in 95. it was rusted beyond rusted. and he got over 3k for it. insane. i sooo want to keep it. so you you all need to buy our cd
  14. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?45296-Pics-of-15793-12-70-blue-blue-160-pics&p=390584#post390584 started a new thread for it. 160 pics or so. have fun.
  15. heres a few shots of it. all i have done so far is pull of the pass door panel to lube up the window parts. thats why its off in the pics. it still had the protective plastic completely intact. till i had to pull it off that is. i saved it. its mostly still in one piece. only one spot of rust that needs work. the pass lower wheel arch corner right below the door. the pass rear corner under the bumper had a dent, was filled over at some point. you can see it metal behind it. a small dent.even i could fix it. not sure why they filled it. the hood is dented on the very front pass corner. i think a body could get it straight enough to save. its very small. notice the hatch. its not even warped. i love it. all the locks are correct. 1 ignition 1 for everything else. awesome. and they all work. very well too. it was a factory a/c car, but everything under the hood was removed. i believe the carpet is original. but its been awhile since ive seen og carpet. anyway, enough rambling. enjoy a few pics http://imageshack.us/g/444/p1090304g.jpg http://imageshack.us/g/822/p1090410e.jpg i already know i will have to sell it. i need a daily driver. and this would get beat up. i will be cleaning up some stuff over the next week or 2. new clutch and tune up. i will be leaving as original as i can. keep an eye out for it soon sprucing up classified sections everywhere. spread the word so it can go to a enthusiest and not a drifter.
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