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71' L24 rev range


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Well, the rpm limit is all the way at 7,000rpm but gets its peak hp way down at 5,600rpm. Usually you don't see a large gap like that between the rpm limit and were peak hp is located. Usually after the peak hp, there is only a few hundred rpm left before you hit redline, and even in some cases the redline IS were you will find your peak hp at.

I am curious to know if anyone can tell me or has a dyno of a stock L24 all the way to redline. I have been wondering for the past few days what the powerband looks like (both hp and torque) once you past their peak output and continue pushing near 7,000rpm. I have been told that you need not to past 6,000rpm as you already got all your power, but I want to know what happens all the way up to 7,000rpm.

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What happens all the way up to 7000 RPM.......simply put, the engine just increases in RPM and decreases in power! Just because an engine is capable of 7000 RPM doesn't have anything to do with the RPM peak output is achieved.....especially with a mild stock set-up.

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I don't have the numbers for the rpm range, but I do know it works real nice when autocrossing. If you don't want to shift between the corners you can just let it rev and impress the heck out of the spectators :love:

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