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New Z owner -- lots of work to come!


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Hello to the message board:

I purchased this 1976 280z last summer, and I started to work on it a bit, but hadn't touched it for 5 months until just recently when I got the itch again. I'd like to get it in daily-driveable condition before the snow melts this spring. The body needs an entire re-work (rust through passenger floorpan, rust through passenger front wheel well, rust through rocker panels, rusty underbody), but the mechanicals are in solid condition, at least as far as I can tell.

I had the starter rebuilt and everything in the motor likes to crank, but as of this weekend it wasn't sending fuel -- I diagnosed the problem and am waiting for a new fuel pump to arrive (original pump was dead). So we'll see what happens in the next few days when I get the pump in the mail!

I've been using this website as a lurker for a long time, but will try to ask questions and answer some as I learn more about the workings of this car. This is my first Z, but I've always admired Datsun/Nissan since I had my first car, a 1989 Nissan Maxima SE 5-spd, which I regard as one of the finest-built and running cars ever produced.

Cheers, Neil


My girlfriend with the Z as it sat before I hauled it away.


Loading it up on the trailer to haul it to the dealership.


First crack at getting her to run! No dice so far...


Contemplating what to do next...

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You've come to the right place for information and support!

You are going to want to get that rust taken care of, and here is a good place to get panels Tabco


You will find that the Z car will become a bit of an addiction (not that there is anything wrong with that), and that they are fairly easy to work on, given patience. Of course, working at a car dealership, you've got mechanics that might be willing to help out (even though it's not a ford:stupid: )

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I have the same year, you will have lits of fun with the car. I noticed that your mirrors are the same as mine, they are not the original but were probably put on by the dealer. I removed mine about 20 years ago and had one hell of a time getting replacements for mine, I wanted the car look like it did when I purchased it in 76. Just some advice keep them.

Have fun with the car this summer.


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Hey there and welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll find the answer you need here somewhere. On thing that kills the fuel pumps is rust and debris in the fiel tank. Odds are that if this has been sitting a long time, that there's plenty of both in the tank. You may want to take care of that before it kills your new FP.

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Welcome, and thanks for posting the pictures!

I am sure as the car gets mobile, you will get the itch for all of it to work well, and when it does, you will find driving it to be a great deal of fun!

It was a good idea to introduce your girl friend and the car early-they can get jealous and then it is down hill until the car realizes the girlfriend is no threat! You definitely don't want to take care of the repairs of a jealous Z!


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