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Old Z Need new bones


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Im in need of a new transmission. i have the original tranny and it still works but vibrates on second gear. I fell like im not getting the full Z experience with this worn out tranny. and i have been searching on the procedure but cant seem to find it.

Im getting the transmission from a japan parts place in South San Francisco, and want to know if theres any 280z out there who have already done this in the past, which im sure they have but cant seem to find them in the forums.

I just need some quick tips on the procedure or a link, and want my z to be running like new again thanks.

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Welcome to the web site . You will get a better response if you provide some more info . What year Z are you driving . Are you just changing like for like ? or you going to be going from a 4 speed to 5 speed . this sort of thing . Gary

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