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Ugly Orange 240z


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I've been spending quite a bit of time trying to find pictures of the "ugly" orange 240z that had flares but then it had honda offset rims on it so it looked stupid.

the guy kept trying to sell it on ebay, and there was atleast one thread about it, but all my searches dont help me come across it :(

any help would be great as i'm concidering painting my car with a similar colour scheme and am pretty sure i'll regret it LOL

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hey, thanks alot for that! i couldn't remember the name of the thread but now that i've seen it again it rings a bell

i guess i'll have to hope that someone saved the pictures to their computer and can upload them, long shot i know

thanks heaps again -evan

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Actually, that is a rather nice looking Z. It could stand to lose the 240z stripping and the louvers, but the rest of the car looks good.

Don't mind the stripes, apathetic about the louvers, hate the rims. They just don't fit. Make it look like a Hotwheel, not a real car.

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thank you people, sorry i hadn't been on this for a couple of days!

and its a very good point u have there gav, but i wanted pics to learn from its mistakes! i think i'm going to go with the blue colour now but its still good to see it.

i think this car needs its front spoiler on and to loose the louvers and get better rims, i am not a fan of the 240z writing in the side stripe, sulios is nicer

or the style this porche has, my neighbours old early 80's celicas had the same sorta thing. they laser cut vynil yeah? so wouldn't b to hard to get 240z ones made up i guess huh


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