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Damaged radio in shipping


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I figured that I would go ahead and buy an original radio for the Z. Found a nice AM on ebay a few weeks ago and bought it. The box arrived on Monday and when I opened it with great expectations, they were dashed upon the rocks. The journey took its toll. The face plate was broken in two places. The radio was not packed as it should have been. I submitted a claim to DHL but haven't heard back from them yet.

Now I have a radio but no face plate.:disappoin ANybody have an extra faceplate they wish to part with?

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I've got one for you!

Just got my NOS door panels from Japan(Yeah I'm the guy that bought them last week on Ebay) and everything look great! But, when I opened the boxes up, the passenger side DP was seperating at the seam below and behind the handle, where the two different grain vinyls are glue together and glue down into the depression in the lower part of the panel. Still dealing with Datsun Spirit on this one. Definitely a quality issue, but I hope it can be resolved. What do you want for $740? It's really a shame, these panels(except for the one area) are so nice! I almost hate to use some of these precious NOS parts.

I'm trying to get more from the guys a Datsun Spirit! They have some really nice stuff. Check them out. www.datsunspirit.com

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I had the exact same experience buying a radio on eBay. Your story was like reading my own!

I knew that faceplates are hard to come by, so I exercised my right to return the unit for a refund. I bought another complete unit on eBay two weeks later (and insisted on extra packaging material). Complete units turn up on eBay all of the time (half of them with broken faceplates), and a nice faceplate alone is much less common of a find...... (that's what I've seen, anyway). Good luck.

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