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Man, It's been a while :D


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Thanks Gary, Bryan, Jason, and Zak. Good to hear from you guys again. :)

I haven't been on here for about a month. been spending practically all my weekends with my grandfather who is 92 yrs, old and is going through a tough time health wise.

Anyway I'm sure looking forward to another fun spring/summer in 2007 with my beautiful Z like I'm sure you guys all are. Sure miss her as she sits safe and sound in her little garage for winter :(

Take care guys.

By the way Zak how is your project coming along? Are you still thinking about a blue color for it?

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Hey DZR,

I'm from Minnetonka. Where abouts are you from in MN.. Are you in the ZOOM club?

Yes, my baby is tucked away in the garage too and we both are anxiously awaiting spring.

And a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all as well....


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I'm in Cottage Grove, MN. Don't know if you know where that is. :)

I've heard about ZOOM but no, I'm not a member. Haven't been to any meets either because it's kinda on the opposit end of town from me but I'd like to try and check it out sometime.

Take care and yes, I'm counting down the days till spring as well :D

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