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#513 (10/69) For sale in Las Vegas


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http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/car/246877141.html. Looks like they want to hear offers over $3000.


And some photos posted in an album by a ZDriver member. It's one of the gold ones several clicks in.

I don't see it on the ZHome registry, so I thought I'd mention it.


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I bought 3 of his cars this weekend. Guy is moving back to Japan and cannot take everything with him...Too bad for him...Auto body guy and has a nice collection of no rust cars....

Greenmonster80, I was wondering if you had. From reading your posts and some of the info on ZDriver (I admit it, I ran out of new posts to read here the other day) it seemed that someone had bought three cars from him. Offers over $3000 seems kind of high, even if it is a '69 as it appears to be missing the engine and in need of a lot of work. I saw where he was asking for offers over $3000 somewhere, but haven't been able to get back to that page to link it. Gary

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I was in contact with the seller he said the car has rust at the rear of the rockers and some metal pop riveted over some other areas by previous owner. He has said he would take less than the $3000 in the area of $2500. I’m just to far away to check it out and make a move to purchase.

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Yes I got 3 240z's from the seller in Vegas. A 12/70, 1/71 and a 10/71. Have a buyer for the 10/71 already. It has a L26 block, E88 head and the dual SU's. It has a little bit of rust. Driverside door at the bottom rear corner and passenger side front fender has a small quater sized hole in the bottom rear corner of it. There are 2 quarter sized holes on either side of the floor pans. Rails, structure, battery tray and rockers are all solid. Would take less than a day to repair any rust on this car. There happens to be a car of the same faded color at the junkyard that has the panels needed so that the only rust on the car is 2 small holes, but I am trying to keep that car as low budget as possible. Bought it with the intend of stripping the subframes from it and bolting it into the 12/70 shell. But thought it might be difficult to get rid of a shell that was not a rolling chassis. So I pulled the plugs, cleaned them, checked the plug wires to make sure they were not fraile or dried up, changed the oil and filter clean gas and fires right up. Same story for the 1/71 car. Except no rust. The undercarriage didn't even have the rust proofing installed. It is a true series 1 car. Rear vented hatch and alot of little cool things going on in the interior. Will clean the interior and spend a couple days pretting up the paint on that one so I can sell it as a clean driving car. Sorry for the long rant I spun out into space there. Just real excited about the condition of the cars. His 69z is awesome. for the age of it you would not believe the condition. If I didn't have my KGC10 project eating up a majority of my funds I would be on it like white on rice. Doors, hoods, fenders, subframes and driveline can come from any 70-78 car. I love it just for the lack of rust, straight body and super low VIN number....

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